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Hero, Rodney E. and Robert R. Preuhs.  2007.  “Immigration and the Evolving American Welfare State:  Examining Policies in the U.S. States.  American Journal of Political Science 51(3): 498-517.


            The variable labels correspond to the variables used in the analysis and that are described in the Data appendix and text of the article.  You can find the article here.


***NOTE:  We found an error in our coding of the political/party competition variable.  It has now been recoded as per the description in the Data Appendix of the article.  Results did not change for any of the analyses, but replicators should read the .do file for details.


             Stata Files for Both Tables

             Do Files to Replicate Tables 1 and Tables 2 in Stata

             Excel Files for Both Tables


Preuhs, Robert R. 2007.  “Descriptive Representation as a Mechanism to Mitigate Policy Backlash:  Latino Incorporation and Welfare Policy in the American States.”  Political Research Quarterly 60(2): 277-92.


             Stata File for Table 1

             Do Files for Table 1

             Stata File for Table 2

             Do Files for Table 2


Hero, Rodney E. and Robert R. Preuhs.  2006.  “From Civil Rights to Multiculturalism and Welfare for Immigrants: An Egalitarian Tradition Across the American States?”  DuBois Review 3(2): 317-40.


          Data include variables used to conduct the analysis presented in Tables 1 and 2.


                Text file with variable names and labels

                Stata file

                Excel File with only variable names



Preuhs, Robert R. 2006.  “The Conditional Effects of Minority Descriptive Representation:  Black Legislators and Policy Influence in the American States.”  Journal of Politics 68(3): 585-99.

                Stata file for analysis presented Table 1 (p. 592)

                          (Interaction terms are not included)


Preuhs, Robert R.  2005.  “Descriptive Representation, Legislative Leadership, and Direct Democracy: Latino Influence on English Only Laws in the States, 1984-2002.”  State Politics and Policy Quarterly, 5(Fall): 203-224. 


                  Stata file



Preuhs, Robert R. 2001. “State Felon Disenfranchisement Policy.”  Social Science Quarterly, 82 (December): 333-48.



                   Codebook in PDF

                   Text file

                   Stata file








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